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What is Video Marketing? Your Web Video on Google’s 1st Page!

Video Marketing in Los Angles

Wouldn’t you like to see your YouTube videos on the 1st page of Google? Who wouldn’t!

There is a new cyber real estate commodity: the First page of Google! and within it, ther is a new cyber currency: a YouTube video on Google’s 1st page!

Why? Because a YouTube video thumbnail is much more “attractive” to people’s eyes than a regular website listing on the search engines; specially in Google.

Call me at 310.592.1813, email me at I’ll analyze your product marketing potential with you and give you the solutions you need to place your videos on Google’s first page!

“Your YouTube video billboard on the Google Highway!” TM


  1. A YouTube video on the 1st page of Google is a magnet that creates and attracts traffic: a stream a new prospects to your site or landing page.
  2. Videos can convey your message in a more powerful way than text or pictures
  3. A video is a source of credibility because people can see what you, your product or service can do for them: to solve a problem
  4. Videos create authority because them show that you can do what your visitors are looking for!
  5. Videos create trust because they tell people how you are going to solve their challenge or help them to get what they want, or avoid what they fear  or try to avoid
  6. A video can tell your prospects a story; that story will convince them that you can help them to solve their problem

Some testimonials of my clients:

Video marketing is the use of YouTube videos to drive traffic to your websites, blogs or landing pages AND increase conversion.

Videos placed on 1st page of Google create trust, credibility and authority.
Be aware that the beautiful video you paid thousand of dollars to get it made may be worthless if nobody can’t see it!
In other words if your video is not on the 1st page of Google for the key words you want, it won’t have the online exposure you need to drive traffic to your site.

A video is not difficult to make. With today’s technology you can produce very good quality videos with less than $1,000 on equipment.

There are many companies that offer you to make beautiful videos, with the best HD video cameras and in a excellent equipped studio. They also help you to upload those videos on YouTube. Now after 3 months, 6 months, a year, what are the views of those videos? Very little, or none; not enough to even get noticed.

I recommend you to re-consider your video marketing plan. Make sure your videos are in the 1st page of Google where people can see them!


“Your Video Billboard by the Google Highway!” TM – Video Marketing Los Angeles
Your YouTube video on the 1st page of Google is better than a Billboard by the Freeway! because your video will be seen by people all over your town, country and even the world! for a very small fraction of the cost!

Call me to 310.592.1813 or email me art I’ll place your Home Page Business video on the first page of Google! Your money back GUARANTEED!

“Get your YouTube video Billboard by the Highway of Google!” TM

“Having a YouTube video on the first Page of Google is just like having a huge billboard by the freeway, advertising for your business 24/7!” TM

“Have any of you passed a billboard by the freeway recently? That’s most of you.
What did you notice? Only the billboard, right?

You didn’t notice the road underneath, the buildings either side or even the blue sky above? You noticed the picture and perhaps the message, It got your attention!
It’s likely you even went to see that movie or bought that mini iPad. Because every time you take that freeway the billboard is telling you to do something; 24/7. This billboard is seen by thousand of people every day!

It’s the same on the Google search listings. What grabs your attention are the thumbnail pictures of videos. They are other peoples billboards! Advertising to thousand of people for free 24/7! Yes, they are other people’s bill boards!

They can be your billboards!

If you want a billboard by the freeway (video on the first page of the Google Highway), come and see me after this seminar…”

Call me to 310.592.1813; email me at Tell me the keywords of your niche or I research them for you; give me your YouTube video OR I’ll make it for you.
Then “I’ll place your YouTube billboard by the Google Highway!” TM
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